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NOTICE – Antoinette Haughton-Cardenas Struck From Roll Of Attorneys-at-Law

Antoinette Haughton-CardenasMembers of the public are hereby advised that Mrs. Antoinette Haughton-Cardenas, Attorney-at-Law, who last practiced from offices at 30 Dumbarton Avenue, in the parish of St. Andrew, has been struck from the Roll of Attorneys-at-Law entitled to practice in the several courts in the island of Jamaica. This order was made by way of judgment of the Disciplinary Committee of General Legal Council delivered on the 17th of September 2009, such order being stated to have immediate effect.

The Disciplinary Committee of General Legal Council, after hearing evidence in the complaint brought by Mrs. Avis Smith against Mrs. Antoinette Haughton-Cardenas made a number of findings against Mrs. Antoinette Haughton-Cardenas, and in particular found that Mrs. Antoinette Haughton-Cardenas failed to pay over to the complainant, any of the proceeds of sale in relation to property known as 3 Lyndale Avenue, Kingston 10, in the parish of St. Andrew and for which Mrs. Antoinette Haughton-Cardenas had carriage of sale, and the evidence disclosed that Mrs. Antoinette Haughton-Cardenas had received the proceeds of sale.

The Disciplinary Committee concluded that Mrs. Antoinette Haughton-Cardenas is guilty of professional misconduct in that the evidence on the complaint disclosed that she had failed to maintain honour and dignity of the profession and had acted in a manner, which tended to discredit the profession to which she belonged.

Mrs. Antoinette Haughton-Cardenas is not entitled to practice as an Attorney-at-Law in Jamaica and is not to be employed in that capacity by any member of the public.

Attorneys-at-Law are also reminded of Section 20(1) of the Legal Profession Act which reads as follows, “No attorney shall, in connection with his practice as a lawyer, without the written permission of the Council, which may be given for such period and subject to such conditions as the Council thinks fit, employ or remunerate any person who to his knowledge is disqualified from practicing as a lawyer by reason of the fact that his name has been struck of the Roll, otherwise than at his own request, or that he is suspended from practicing a lawyer.”

Dated the 23rd day of September, 2009
Secretary, General Legal Council


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